TSK Flagsol is conducting a large number of research projects to improve the cost efficiency of CSP plants.

Current and recently completed projects are:

  • AVUSpro - Soiling of solar collectors

  • CAPTure - Demo of solar tower with gas turbine

  • CSP-FoSyS - Power production forecast based on meteorology

  • EuroPatmos – Component qualification for molten salt in parabolic troughs

  • HPS-2 - Molten salt as heat transfer fluid in parabolic troughs

  • MoBaCline - Innovative thermal energy storage concept

  • MSOpera - Thermo-economic improvement of molten-salt solar fields

  • SITEF - First demo of silicone oils beyond 400°C

  • SIMON - Analysis of power plants using silicone oils

  • SolFieOpt - Optimized heliostat fields for solar towers

  • SWS - hybridizing CSP plants

  • TransTES-Chem - Demo of the use of thermal storage systems in chemical plants

  • VeNiTE – Pushing nitrate salts to 600°C and beyond

  • Wobas and WobasA - Development of camera-based now-casting system for better CSP plant management
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