TSK Flagsol through a cooperation with the DLR (the German Aerospace Center) has developed weather and energy production forecasting system (CSP FoSyS) for the operation of CSP power plants. CSP FoSyS uses satellite data, numerical weather prediction and cloud cameras to provide radiation and energy forecast for the intraday and day-ahead market. The system has been installed and demonstrated in La Africana 50-MW CSP power plant in the south of Spain and has successfully passed the site acceptance test supervised by ESA in June 2018.

CSP-FoSyS is available for commercial use.

A system like CSP FoSyS does not only offer support for the operator of CSP plant but is currently a pre-requisite for EPC companies during tender phases, as it is currently offered for Noor Midelt CSP/PV hybrid project in Morocco. The research was funded by ESA (the European Space Agency) in their Integrated Applications Programme (IAP) - https://business.esa.int/projects/csp-fosys-dp


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